10 Discontinued Things People Desperately Want Back

I think we have all fallen in love with something discontinued before. So, be it a service, food favorite, way of the world, or a physical item, we can all relate to this madness.

Redditor u/kellerisdabest asked, “What discontinued thing do you really want to be brought back?” Over 37,000 people commented, and thousands more upvoted to deliver these ten discontinued things that people want to be brought back immediately!”

Redditor dusmeyedin said, “Paying once for work software, like Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF, and owning it after that without paying a monthly subscription fee.”

Paying Once for Software

ITworksGuys expressed, “Younger people have no idea how important MTV was. It was the only place you would hear stuff that wasn't on the radio. In the 80s and early 90s, with no internet, you couldn't experience new music that wasn't on the radio.”

MTV Being Music Videos

Another user asked, “Like the feature of no ads?” The other day, I was listening to November Rain, and there was, I turd you not, a six-second ad right at the start of the crescendo. I'm missing the days when that was considered a war crime.”

The Dislike Feature on YouTube

Tehpunisher456 named “Courage the Cowardly DogDexter's Lab, and Ed Edd n Eddy. User t3xm3xr3x said, “And Powerpuff GirlsToonami with DBZ, and Gundam Wing.”

Old Cartoon Network

Due-Preparation5104 agreed, “Especially clothing. These days I'm paying 30 dollars on average for a top that begins to fray after two washes.”

Products Built To Last

Sleevey27 admitted, “I miss the snack wraps.” BleachigoKurosaki stated, “Hash browns are $2.49 where I live. I love those things, but that is highway robbery for a few bites of food!”

The Real Dollar Menu at Mickey D's 

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