Why Discord Could be the Better Zoom

As we look at the future, post-Covid-19 business world, companies are looking for innovative ways to adapt to the changes in work and consumer culture.  

The pandemic caused a shift to remote work, while at the same time, Gen Z and younger millennials found themselves with more disposable cash, and looking for more meaning and engagement, both at work and in their purchasing decisions. 

This unique set of challenges may have a solution in the most unexpected places: a gaming chat app called Discord. 

Although long considered a hang-out spot for geeks and gamers, Discord is working tirelessly to change its image. In 2020, the company rebranded to “your place to talk,” positioning itself as a resource for communities of all types. 

The changes are working. Discord has more than 100 million monthly active users and 26 billion minutes of conversation across 13.5 million active servers every week. 

In addition, in 2021, CNBC reported that 70% of Discord users use the app for non-gaming purposes in addition to gaming, a drastic increase from the 30% who said the same just one year earlier.