8 Genius Ways to Discover the Best Restaurants While Traveling

Whether you like to plan your vacations months in advance or decide your daily activities on the go, most people agree that the restaurants you eat at can make or break a trip.

But how do you know what's a good restaurant if you're in a foreign country? Veteran travelers on Reddit had answers.

“Google Maps gotta say… read between the lines of reviews of course,” u/tombiowami wrote. “Also great for finding quirky and close-by attractions. Total travel game changer.”

Google Maps

On Reddit, user u/vincecarterskneecart said that if a restaurant's “meny is really long, there is a cheap/tacky interior, portions are large servings or the restaurant has some sort of “gimmick,” I would be somewhat apprehensive to eat there.”

Avoid Tacky Tourist Traps

Or, you can use Wikipidea. According to u/mthmchris, you can go to Wikipedia and search for a country or city's food. “Alternatively, you can find articles or blogs or the like, but it must contain the name of the dish in the local language/script,” they added.”

This Wikipedia Hack

As a seasoned traveler, u/rafikievergreed said to, “Choose the restos with plastic chairs.”

Restaurants with Plastic Chairs

“Walk around and choose a place with lots of people in it including locals, preferably not right in the middle of a tourist trap area. Just walk around and see what looks like a hot spot.”

Find Popular Places Filled with Locals

While they were in Tokyo, u/GaladDeDanann picked different neighborhoods they wanted to get to know and signed up. “I think I did like 7 different tours and while on each one I would try to get the guide's top three recommendations for places not on the tour itself.”

Take Advantage of Food Tours

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