Disposable vs Rechargeable Vapes:

Make a Cost-Effective Choice

Choosing between a disposable or rechargeable/refillable e-cig can be a tough decision. Which style is right for you? And which is more cost-effective?

Ease of use is a big advantage of disposable vapes. They’re very convenient, especially during nights out. That’s why they’re so popular with younger people.

Pros of Disposables

Disposables also require no maintenance at all. They’re pre-filled and pre-fitted, which means you don’t have to wait for them to charge.

When you break it down, 2ml of e-liquid costs up to £9 ($11). Plus, the battery can affect the vaping experience. As the battery drains, you may find yourself taking weaker and shorter puffs.

Cons of Disposables

Compared to their disposable counterparts, rechargeable vapes are much better for the environment. Although they require the use of e-liquid bottles, these can be recycled. Plus, you won’t be throwing away a plastic vape when the battery dies.

Pros of Rechargeables

You’ll enjoy more variety with a rechargeable. Choose between more e-juice flavors, e-liquid strengths, e-liquid nicotine types, coil resistance, output wattage, vape style, e-cigarette shape, and airflow options.

There’s considerably more maintenance required when using a rechargeable. You have to refill them with e-liquid, charge the battery periodically, and change the coil regularly.

Cons of Rechargeables

Disposable vapes can be a brilliantly handy tool when you're on the go and have cravings. However, if vaping becomes a regular habit, they can be extremely costly compared to rechargeable vapes.

Pick the Vaping Option That Fits Your Lifestyle

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