Unsettling Truths: 

Revealing The 15 Most Disturbing Facts About Our Bodies

The human body is a medical marvel. It’s a collection of various systems and organs that work independently and interchangeably to sustain life.

However, behind all of those miraculous functions are facts about the body that are quite unsettling. Here are 15 things you should know.

Tooth Infections Can Be Dangerous

The disease can be carried through the bloodstream and travel to other body parts, creating additional health issues.

The Large Impact of Small Brain Injuries

Even the slightest injury to specific brain areas can cause personality changes, difficulties with speech, memory, and comprehension, and even affect control over bodily movements.

The Power of Gastric Acid

Stomach acid is a form of hydrochloric acid that aids in the digestion of food. Gastric acid doesn’t eat away at the body because the stomach creates a mucus that serves as a protective coating.

A Medication That Turns Bones Green

A prescribed medication called Minocycline treats acne and other bacterial infections. It is also known to turn bones into a dark green or blue-green in patients who have used the drug for long periods.

Sudden Death

Any number of things can occur within and to the body that can cause a person to die without warning. An unknown allergen, a previously undetected aneurysm or blood clot, or even a blow to the chest can end a life.

Dangerous Immune System Cells

When the immune system reacts too much, it causes life-threatening conditions such as asthma. An immune system that attacks healthy tissue leads to autoimmune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis.

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