Show-Stopping DIY Party Favors for a Kid’s Birthday Party

Party bag gifts do not need to be a considerable expense; there's a lot you can buy from a dollar store or Walmart. But remember, this is a celebration and should be fun, which goes for the goodie bag too.

Birthday party favors should be well thought out and personal. So today, we bring you the best DIY party favor recommendations to add magic to any kid's party.

Start by having basic party favors bags ready, then create a treat at the party the children can take home with them. This way, you can pop the DIY treat in at the end with a slice of cake, and you're good to go.

Have a Basic Party Favors Bag Ready

Mini brown paper shopping bags make great inexpensive party treat bags. Print off some themed stickers with the child's initials, tie ribbons on the handles, and decorate the bag to personalize it.

Pop in a sheet of stickers, make a personalized candy bar, or drop in some popping candy, a cheap notepad and pen, and a thank you note for attending and put them to one side, ready to add the final piece at the end.

Decorate small glass jars with colorful paint or stickers. Then fill them with fairy lights or glow sticks like Dream Jars in Roald Dahl's magical tale The BFG.

Magical BFG Dream Jars

This can be part of a themed party activity where kids are under strict instructions only to activate the magical light with an adult just before bedtime.

For an added touch, hold a BFG storytelling or movie session to engage the kiddies with the tale's magic.

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