Scam Alert: FTC Wins Multimillion Dollar Settlement for Victims of a DMV Scam

The Federal Trade Commission recently won a trial against dummy corporation On Point Global LLC, resulting in $102-million in damages for those individuals who took part unknowingly in a scam that – on the surface – offered government documents.

How Does This Con Work?

“The scammers, sued by the FTC in December 2019, ran hundreds of deceptive websites that promised a quick and easy government service” and “were designed to mimic legitimate government websites,” according to a report published by the FTC.

After paying the processing fee, the user would be sent a PDF of publicly available information. The scammers also targeted people applying for public benefits, including section 8 housing and food stamps.

Are You the Victim of a Scam?

“They charged me a $39.99 processing fee, and they are not government-affiliated,” says one of the victims. “I called the company a couple of times, and they gave me the runaround.”

Most of the eligible individuals for part of the settlement have been contacted already. Still, if you believe you are entitled to compensation, you have until July 5, 2022, to file a complaint at

Unfortunately, the compensation for the victims who provided personal information will be, at most, $15. Refunds and payments can be expected to go out after July 27, 2022.

Always Be Vigilant

Identity theft and fraud are two major problems impacting everyone in the United States. The FTC received 4.8 million complaints in 2020 – the most recent year they reported – a 45% increase from 2019.

According to a study issued by the Consumer Sentinel Network, “consumers reported losing more than $3.3 billion to fraud.” Nevada, Delaware, Florida, Maryland, and Georgia reported the highest fraud complaints.

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