Do I Really Need a 4th COVID-19 Shot? Doctors Weigh In Story

Whether you were vaxxed once against COVID-19 (77% of Americans), double-vaxxed (65%), or double-vaxxed and boosted (29%), chances are you're fed up with being poked and prodded.

With the recent news of a potential 4th vaccine on the horizon, you may be wondering if you need yet another shot.

On March 15th, Pfizer requested emergency use authorization (EUA) to the FDA to make a second booster shot mRNA vaccine against COVID available to adults over the age of 65.

Two days later, Moderna submitted a more expansive request for their mRNA vaccine, including all adults over the age of 18.

To date, neither Pfizer's nor Moderna's request for a second booster EUA has been approved. But if and when it becomes available, is a 4th vaccine really necessary?

Will COVID vaccines become an annual immunization like the flu shot? We asked doctors to weigh in.


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