Ten States Where Second Jobs May Be Necessary

Do The (Side) Hustle:

Research conducted by tech experts Hostinger calculated each state's average wages and compared them to an estimated living wage. A “living wage” includes essential household expenditures and minimal creature comfort needs.

Hostinger's researchers determined the difference between a state's average salaries and their estimated living wage to determine the top ten states where a side hustle is most needed.

Here are the top ten states where workers would benefit most from a side hustle or passive income:


Mississippi's living wage is $32,573, but the average annual salary is $40,090. This creates a financial cushion of only $7,517.


The state of Hawaii has long been recognized as one of the most expensive to live and work in, with an estimated living wage o$45,739 and an average salary of $54,930.

In fourth place is Arkansas, with a relatively low living wage of $32,344 but an average salary of $42,690. The $10,346 difference becomes less of a cushion for workers who live in larger metropolitan areas.


Louisiana comes in fifth in the study, offering a living wage of $33. 592 and an average salary of $44,170. The higher paying jobs in Louisiana tend to be located in coastal regions, historically more expensive than cities further inland.


Idaho ranks sixth on the list, with a living wage of $33,613 and an average salary of $44,890. The $11,277 financial cushion does not consider the number of workers with much lower wages or the cost of living in a more rural state.


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