Do You Need to Be a Fan of Super Nintendo World to Enjoy it?

Universal Studios Hollywood opens its first video game-themed land in just a few days. 

Super Nintendo World opens its doors to the public on February 17, 2023, including highly anticipated rides, experiences, and merchandise. Is it worth the price of admission to visit this new land? Considering the land’s popularity and success in Japan, it will be worth a visit to say you’ve “been there.”

Is Super Nintendo World for Fans Only?

One of the questions theme park visitors often ask is, “If I’m not a super fan, will I enjoy this park?” While less engaged fans may not “get” every mention or hidden message in the park, the opportunity to have an enjoyable experience is not limited to Nintendo or even Mario Bros. fans.

Perhaps the most anticipated ride in the land, Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge, will undoubtedly be the busiest attraction of the new land.

Rides at Super Nintendo World

Like the video game, this Mario Kart experience will have different outcomes for every ride. These outcomes depend on how well players gather items for points, steer their vehicles, or sabotage their fellow players.

For fans and non-fans alike, purchasing an additional “Power-Up Band” can enhance your Super Nintendo World visit.

Enhance Your Super Nintendo World Experience

The band will keep score throughout the land when guests complete challenges and collect digital coins. In addition to keeping score, the Power-Up Band gives guests an enhanced experience at the Mario and friends meet and greet.

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