Most Common Reasons Why Your Doctor Does A Side Hustle

Tens of thousands of U.S. physicians are actively discussing their passion projects on Facebook groups like Passive Income Docs, Physician Side Gigs, and Physicians on FIRE. 

Why do medical doctors turn to side jobs as a supplement to their day (and night) jobs as physicians when their main jobs pay so well and take up so much of their time? 

Whatever the side hustle, there are a handful of reasons your doctor may very well have more than one job. 

Doctors are Deep in Debt

The average indebted medical student, which is about 71% of them according to the latest AAMC survey, has around $200,000 in student loan debt when finishing medical school. 

Personal Fulfillment

The closer your doctor is to financial independence — and can conceivably be done saving for retirement — the more freedom he has to do whatever it is outside of medicine that feeds his soul. 

A Goal-Driven Nature

Starting something completely novel — often from scratch — can give your physician a whole new set of goals to set and pinnacles to reach.