Dogecoin Investors Hunt Catalyst in Hopes of Reclaiming Former Glory

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase's bouncing QR code ad set off a trend for its ingenuity. 

Coinbase shot up in the rankings to the second most downloaded app in the country, but as users flooded the landing page, the website became overloaded and crashed. 

The fanfare did little to lift bitcoin and the broader cryptocurrency market out of the doldrums at first, but now prices are beginning to look alive, including Dogecoin, the industry's very first meme coin. 

The Doge price has been stuck in a tight range of approximately $0.14-0.15. 

For Dogecoin investors waiting for the Doge price to regain the $0.20 level and beyond, the Crypto Bowl was less about the commercials they saw and more about what was missing. 

As more businesses choose to accept cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin, it strengthens the use case for the coin.