What Career Experts Say About Doing Free Work On A Job Interview

When a company asks you to complete an interview assignment or project, it will be some sort of task representing the type of work you would be doing on the job, should you be hired. 

While you may initially believe the company only wants to get free work from someone they may or may not ultimately hire, they are actually using the assignment or project to learn more about you as a person and potential employee. 

If a candidate is asked to invest significant time (greater than an hour) to produce something for a client without getting paid, I personally feel this is above and beyond what a candidate should be expected to do,” says Hannah Morgan, Job Search Strategist from Career Sherpa. 

“However, I can see the employer’s logic. They want to see how you think and work. But the candidate should know what their options are.” 

“Applicants asked to perform any level of test or take-home work during the hiring process should also consider how far along they are in the hiring process,” according to Kimberly Back, Senior Job Data Content Producer for Virtual Vocations. 

“For example, candidates who have already passed the second round of interviews are more likely to be asked to complete a real-world performance assignment.”