Don’t Be a Zoom Zombie – Use The Symposium App Instead

The pandemic feels like the start of a horrible horror sci-fi flick.

Business owners, freelancers, advisors, and consultants alike have been left scrambling to take their business online to survive.  

However, many have found traditional solutions to meet and consult online are proving to be inadequate.

Recently, I discovered Symposium, a forward-thinking video conferencing platform that seems to have answered the call for creating a better way for people to consult, schedule, and collect money all-in-one.

Why do I like Symposium? Symposium describes itself as the holy grail of business tools for experts, influencers, and anyone who wants to share their time with others to inspire, teach, entertain, and earn with ease! 

Symposium creates individual booking links to share across your social media platforms to invite your friends, fans, and followers to share in unique meaningful experiences with you.