Don’t Miss Out on the Latest Multi-Billion Dollar Wave in Cryptocurrency

With market capitalization reaching a record $3-trillion last year, crypto investing rocketed closer to mass adoption. 

Now, more conservative investors are rushing to get involved with Crypto staking and lending, as it rides a multi-billion dollar wave. 

With lending and staking, it’s possible to make money, regardless of appreciation. In just a few clicks, you can start earning 5%, 10%, 20%, or potentially even more on your crypto investments. 

In short, crypto lending entails leasing out your crypto to human borrowers in exchange for interest. 

In contrast, crypto staking leases out your crypto to the blockchain for token rewards. 

According to the Genesis Q4 2021 Market Observations Report, loan originations reached $50 billion, up 40% over Q3 2021. Additionally, loan originations for 2021 totaled $131 billion, nearly 7x higher than 2020.