‘Doom Patrol’ Wrap-Up: How the Series Keeps Audiences Rooting for the Underdogs

Doom Patrol’s third season was its first through HBO Max, introducing the series to a larger audience while resolving some of the personal conflicts that have plagued our heroes since episode one. 

Setting the stage for the team to step up and become real superheroes, this season marked a turning point. 

After the gloomy cliffhanger of season two, season three made short work of the dangling plot threads and unanswered questions left over while taking a step into the future of the series. 

To begin with, the shift to a new network brought with it a greater focus on SFX. 

From a gigantic version of Robotman to a more visually complex Negative Spirit and endless opportunities for Rita Farr’s stretching powers to shine, the show made great use of its funds. 

Having pulled off some incredible work simply by working within its limits and avoiding overreaching during the first two seasons, this showed what the creative team could do with their horizons slightly expanded.