How To Dress for a Job Interview Using These 10 Low-Cost Options

You worked hard on your resume and cover letter and have landed an interview. You do a happy dance. But, once the elation wears off, you face a new quandary: What to wear?

Strive for a look that says you’re sharp, competent, and driven without overdrawing on your bank account. Here are some general principles to follow:

You can update something in your closet with a single, versatile piece that pulls the outfit together. In the transition months between summer and winter, a wool-blend cardigan can be a less pricey choice than a suit jacket or blazer.

Update an Article in Your Closet With a Single Purchase

If any of these folks share your size, ask if you can borrow a suit or jacket. Always dry-clean afterward if you want to enjoy this privilege again.

Borrow Nice Clothing From Your Friends or Family Members

If you decide to purchase a suit, dark clothing (black, navy blue, dark green) hides more sins than light clothing. You will get far better cost-per-wear with dark clothes than their paler counterparts.

Stick to Dark Colors

Choose an outfit that will serve as two pieces down the road. Once you land the job, you can separate the jacket and skirt of the interview suit and wear them with other pieces.

Make Any Purchases With Your Future Job in Mind

When you have to spend a bit, make your money go twice as far by purchasing reversible items. Scarves and belts go further when you can reverse the sides.

Look to Double Your Value When Investing in Any Apparel

The monochrome suit will paint you as a professional, but a well-chosen accessory will provide a splash of personality. This could take the form of a scarf or jewelry for women or a tie for men.

Pick Accessories That Give Your Outfit Some Pizzazz

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