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Drinking games from around the world share the common interest of bonding with family and friends while having a good time. They are also great for adding fun and excitement to a night out or any event.

Drinking games are party games for adults, and it's more fun when you drink responsibly. If you aren't a drinker, you can have a non-alcoholic beverage instead!

Thong Toss (Australia)

1. Stand behind a line alongside the other players. 2. Use your hand or foot to throw the thong. 3. On the command of the game referee, you throw or kick your thong off your foot as far as you can.

The person that throws their thong the farthest wins! You can also penalize the person with the shortest throw by making them take a drink. You can customize the game to add more elements of fun.

1. Start with a large pitcher or jug of your favorite beverage (Italians typically prefer red wine over beer.) 2. One person must drink from the pitcher while singing “Bevilo Tutto.”

Bevilo Tutto (Italy)

Drink it all, drink it all, Drink it all, drink it all, He drank it all, and it didn't hurt him. Water makes him ill, and wine makes him sing!

1. The person who finishes drinking then selects the next person to drink. 2. Once everyone finishes at the table, we move on to the neighboring houses. The person that drinks last must knock on the door. The resident must come out, drink to the song, and join the group going to the next house.

The Beer Olympics Games isn't your average drinking game. Instead, you create teams with their official beer Olympics outfits. A scoring system tracks the performance of the competing teams, and a single winner will emerge at the end.

Beer Olympics Games (USA & Worldwide)

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