Drunken Devil Unveils ‘The Cosmic Game’ Podcast and Cocktail Pairings

The brand’s newest offering is The Cosmic Game, a podcast featuring a series of vignettes with the framing narrative of God and The Devil playing humanity like a board game.

Co-directed and written by Matt Dorado and Mak Manson, this classic radio-inspired drama follows vampires, Roman tyrants, cults, demons, and more, as well as some of the interactive elements of the live events. 

One of the themes the podcast is introducing to encourage greater interaction with its audience is a unique suggested cocktail pairing featured in every episode of The Cosmic Game

Crafted by Nathan Hazard, the drink menu interacts with the time-jumping element of the series by offering beverages inspired by the place and the era in which each story occurs. 

Each episode features gorgeous photography highlighting the drinks, with easter eggs that tie into the inspiration around the cocktails. 

After developing a set menu, the creative team enlisted the help of celebrated food and beverage photographer Noah Fecks to create inventive portraits. 


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