Dumbbell Exercises: 12 of the Best You Can Do at Home

Dumbbells are equally as beneficial as anything else. They can go up to a substantial amount of weight to overload the muscles, and they are underrated when it comes to developing the core muscle groups. 

However, a fundamental part of the muscle-building process is following a diet that aids recovery and getting adequate rest. 

Stationary Dumbbell Lunge

1. Start with both legs       hip-width apart, toes       forward, keeping your       back straight, and a       dumbbell in each       hand. Palms should be       facing your sides.

2. Take a big lunge       forward,       focusing on       keeping your       upper body       straight.

3. Now bend both       knees as you       slowly lower       your body and       back knee       toward the       ground while       keeping your       back straight.       Ensure your       front knee is in       line with the       ankle.

4. Come back up       and straighten       both legs back to       the start position.