Love to Read Books? Apply Here!

Researchers at WordsRated are conducting studies that analyze content from hundreds of books. They are looking to level up their research, and for that, they need help. 

So they're crowdsourcing their research, paying people to do what they love – read books. 

The process in itself is straightforward: 

– WordsRated sends out a      book – Readers make notes on      specific areas of interest – WordsRated pays the      readers $200 per      completed book

The Types Of Books Given

Assigned books vary from project to project. For example, one upcoming project aims to understand gender roles in books. 

The CEO Of WordsRated

CEO Jens Jakob Andersen launched WordsRated towards the end of 2021. As a CEO, he already had a successful research company at RunRepeat and was looking to perform similar studies and research with his second love – books. 

Since this is a new initiative, there are no readers yet, but they plan to have at least 5-10 to begin with and take it from there, depending on how it works out. 

The Time Limit Given

Projects often take a few weeks to months to complete, so there is usually no great rush. Ideally, they ask readers to be able to complete a book within two weeks to a month. 

Readers are then paid $200 by bank transfer. 

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