Easy Lunch Ideas To Put the ‘Break’ Into Your Lunch Break

Whether you are working from home, getting back to the office, or juggling a busy household, easy lunch ideas make life so much sweeter.

Lunchtime should be a chance to take a break as well as refuel. We have all experienced the mid-afternoon energy slump that leaves us feeling drained and tempted to reach for a calorie-laden snack.

Opting for a lunch that delivers a broader range of nutrition can boost your energy levels and help you avoid that post-lunch fatigue. Sounds complicated? It doesn't have to be!

From salads to smoothies, sandwiches to hot meals, we have collected the best lunch ideas to shake up your routine and put the ‘break' back into your lunch break.


Salads are a classic lunchtime choice. Light but tasty and infinitely versatile, a great salad can provide you with a large proportion of your daily nutrition.

Meal Replacement Smoothies

All you need are some simple ingredients and a blender to whizz up the perfect lunchtime boost that will see you through the afternoon.

Wraps & Crepes

They can often be made in advance so that you can pack them up to take with you or keep them in the refrigerator until lunchtime.


Choose the freshest ingredients you can find and prep your vegetables in advance, and you have a healthy and delicious lunch idea that is ready in a flash.

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