Unlock Your Brain’s Full Potential:

Effective Memory-Boosting Hacks Revealed

Are you feeling the pressure of final exams looming over you? Well, don't worry, because there are some simple tricks you can use to boost your memory while studying. 

To help calm your anxiety, we talked to Mads Soegaard, founder of Interaction Design Foundation (IDF) who shared a game-changing tips to help hack your memory.

Let’s learn something new that could make all the difference in your studying routine!

By writing notes by hand using colored pens, highlighters, and sticky notes, students are more likely to remember the key points when they head into their exams.

Using Coloured Pens To Make Notes

“Writing notes by hand stimulates retention as it forces the brain to process information more detailedly, and it makes students more selective about what they are writing down,” Soegaard added.

Highlighter and Pen Color Matters

Moreover, color also helps to form associations between notes, as when you recall a fact linked to one shade, your brain will naturally start thinking of the other points that share the same shade. 

“Students can use this association to their advantage when it comes to actually sitting their exam. By bringing something the same color as their notes into the exam with them, such as a bracelet or pen, they will trigger their brain to remember facts in the same shade,” Soegaard explained.

Using Diagrams to Link Information

Apart from using color, students can also boost their memory by using diagrams to link information. If they find themselves zoning out when faced with a wall of text, they may want to write notes as a diagram like a spidergram, flowchart, or table.

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