39 Easy Ways To Earn Free Gift Cards (GameStop, Target, Apple, & More)


With the pressures of a changing economy, people are seeking creative ways to make money online.  

We've tracked down all the best resources to help you earn free gift cards without the hassle of having to do the research yourself.

Take Online Surveys

Another great way to earn free gift cards is by taking surveys online. If you have time to kill during your commute or find yourself scrolling while watching TV, online surveys are a great option for you.

Survey Junkie is one of the most trusted online survey sites with over 20 million users. They connect companies seeking market research with consumers in their respective markets.

1. Survey Junkie

Simply sign up and start completing surveys. Most surveys pay between 100 – 200 points, which users can exchange for cash and online gift cards from popular retailers.

Branded Surveys is another site that conducts surveys for other companies. The survey results help companies improve their products and services, making your opinions very valuable to them.

2. Branded Surveys

According to Branded Surveys, most surveys pay between $0.50 and $5.00, with no limit on how many you can complete. Plus, get 100 bonus points when you signup.

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