12 Tips To Find and Savor Delicious Local Food on Your Travels Abroad

When traveling, it's always fun to discover local restaurants offering food unique to the area. Whether locally or in a new country, there are surefire ways to find the best places to eat: research and ask around. 

Here are some tips for finding delicious meals on your adventures! 

Ask a Local

At your first stop, whether you're grabbing a bite to eat or taking a tour, ask a local where their favorite places to eat are. This is one of the best ways to find tasty places to dine. 

Google Maps

If you're looking for something spur-of-the-moment, check out what's around you on Google Maps. But make sure you also read the reviews. 

Avoid Tacky Tourist Traps

If a restaurant has a large menu, a cheap/tacky interior, or has a gimmick, there's a good chance you're stuck at a tourist trap. 

This Wikipedia Hack

From your research, find a dish you've never heard of people and search for the dish in Google Maps. If a restaurant has pictures, definitely check them out. 

Restaurants With Plastic Chairs

Plastic chairs may not be catchy, but they are a surprisingly effective way to find the best local restaurants. 

Find Popular Places Filled With Locals

Talk to the people that live in the area. Venture outside popular tourist attractions. If you see a busy restaurant and its filed predominantly with locals, check it out! 

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