Shocking Truth:

13 Reasons You Might Regret Your Electric Vehicle Purchase

Recent studies are showing that electric cars may be way more expensive than we originally thought, and over half of EV owners are making the switch back to gasoline. 

Why? Here are 13 reasons you may regret buying an EV. 

Range Anxiety

If your EV models don't have a long-range, you may worry about running out of battery power before reaching a charging station. If you rely on your vehicle for long journeys, you may regret buying an EV. 

Limited Charging Stations

If you live in a rural area, you can pretty much guarantee that your charging station options will be slim to none.

The Zebra reported that the average electric car costs around $67,000. That is a considerable price tag, considering the average gas-powered car costs $48,000.

Higher Initial Price

Battery Production Impact

The truth is that the environmental impact of battery production is a considerable concern since mining and manufacturing lithium-ion batteries can be harmful to the environment.

Complex Technology

Electric car repair information is not as readily found since they are packed with new, advanced technology. This can make repairs and maintenance more challenging and, in turn, more expensive. 

Home Charging Requirements

Home chargers are a significant investment since it costs anywhere from $500-$1,200 to have them professionally installed.

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