Eliminating Ants, and Other Common Houseplant Pests

Mistakes are a part of becoming a better gardener. To learn through doing, you must allow yourself room to fail. It’s often one of the hobby's most rewarding and cathartic aspects.

But to get you further down that path, here is a walk-through of common houseplant pests, their remedies, and prudent strategies for those that need a little helping hand or would rather excel the first time.

When it comes to pests, the best defense is a good offense. Preventing a bug takeover is much easier than treating one. There are loads of ways you can mitigate the risk of pests.

Preventative Care

Scrutinize any new plants for signs of bugs before purchase. Bugs can and will quickly spread to neighboring plants. Assume every newly purchased plant has bugs hiding somewhere.

A healthy plant is more resistant to bugs, so do your best to ensure your plant’s individual needs are adequately met. Stressed plants are easier targets for pests.

If you like to reuse pots, always clean them with insecticidal soap and sterilize them in vinegar or a rubbing alcohol bath, depending on the type of pot. Terra cotta pots have a porous surface providing perfect shelter for micro-pests.

Outdoor plants are highly susceptible to pests. If you regularly bring an outdoor plant indoors for the winter (typical for succulents in colder areas), inspect the plant and treat it accordingly.

Regularly inspecting your leafy friends for changes can prevent an outbreak before it gets too big to handle.

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