Elon Musk Is Holding Tight to These 3 Cryptos

During these uncertain times, billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk feels the inflationary heat at his two companies — Tesla and SpaceX.  

The Tesla CEO took the opportunity to offer his social media followers some guidance on investing their money. Musk suggests owning “physical things” like real estate or stocks instead of the mighty dollar during times of high inflation. 

Not to be outdone, cryptocurrencies are also included on his list of “dos” even though prices have been in the doldrums of late. 

Every crypto project worth its salt would like to be on Musk's radar, but he has made it clear time and time again, there are only three digital assets for him. Let's take them one by one. 

Musk has nurtured a love/hate relationship with leading cryptocurrency bitcoin. 

On the one hand, it was the first cryptocurrency that Tesla ever supported after Musk decided to let customers pay for their EVs with BTC. 


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