A Guide To Growing Your Business With Email Marketing

Email marketing has been around for a long time – a really long time. 

Gary Thuerk sent the first marketing email blast in 1978 when he sent 400 cold emails to ARPANET users. That one bulk email reportedly landed him over $13 million in contracts. 

Email marketing has a staggering average ROI of 3,800%. For every dollar spent, $38 is generated. 

Contrary to what many prominent blogs suggest, email marketing is NOT a marketing strategy.

Email marketing is a digital marketing channel.

There are 4 key components that you must have to run any email strategy, no matter what your business is. I call these the 4 C's of email marketing: 


The first thing you have to do to start building your email list is set up a method for collecting email addresses. This is technically referred to as “email capture” or “lead capture,” depending on what line of business you are in. 


Once someone gives you their email, before you add them to an email campaign, it's important to send them an opt-in email. This is typically an automated email that goes out with a link for the subscriber to click, confirming that they really want to be on your email list.