Managers: Get Ready To Impress On Employee Appreciation Day

March 3, 2023, is Employee Appreciation Day. While Human Resources experts reported in 2019 that when employees are recognized, it improves both retention and business success, nearly 30% of employees report receiving not a single ‘atta boy’ in over a year.

An inexpensive idea for managers that want to create a memorable Employee Appreciation Day is simply to embrace the power of gratitude and write each direct report a handwritten thank you note or email.

Instead of a generic company email, a thank you note addressed to a specific person makes each employee feel seen and valued.

Experienced thank you note scribes can plan for around 10 minutes for each handwritten missive or 5 five minutes for a thank you email.

How to Write Your Employee a ‘Thank You’ Note

However, managers new to expressing gratitude with the written word should plan for more time, at least for the first couple of notes.

Then, add a meeting to your calendar. This is to set aside dedicated time to write the thank you messages. If you are writing handwritten notes, plan ahead to have notecards ready to use.

Next, decide what to thank the person for, such as hard work or meeting goals. You can also mention their recent accomplishments, contributions, or other genuine compliments.

In your note, be as specific as possible. You want the employee to feel like the message was written only for them and not read like a generic template.

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