Sneaky Signals To Uncover a Toxic Employer

Reportedly 87% of employees have experienced a toxic workplace on some level. But what if there were a way to suss out what the employer is really like before you accept the offer?

Some red flags are obvious — employees seem disengaged, the hiring manager is rude to you, and so on — but what about the more subtle signs? Those are more difficult to spot. You might not even know what they mean.

But all is not lost. Here are four sneaky signals to determine if your employer is toxic before you say yes to the job or contract.

If they’re not communicating well this early, then that probably means communication will be a struggle if and when you work there.

There’s Confusion Surrounding The Hiring Process.

An eerie quiet may be more difficult to suss out if you're interviewing virtually. However, awkwardness or tension between your interviewers can signal that there may be something bubbling beneath the surface.

No One Seems To Be Talking in The Office (Or Zoom Call).

Getting an offer is great news! But if it all looks a little too fast, it could indicate that they haven’t thoroughly evaluated candidates — pretty much anyone with the minimum qualifications will do.

You Get a Job Offer Alarmingly Quickly.

Moreover, if the process is too quick, they haven't vetted you – and you haven’t had enough time to assess the company and consider whether the organization is the right fit.

If there's an empty toilet paper roll, that's a red flag. If someone didn't care enough about the next person to take a few seconds out of their day to change the roll, what does that say about how they work together?

The Toilet Paper Roll in The Bathroom Is Empty.

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