Leaders Need to Use This 1 Question To Keep Their Employees Engaged at Work

“Are you fulfilled at work?” 

This is the one question leaders need to be asking their employees to not only retain them — but also keep them engaged at work. 

Asking the right question is the first step — then there’s taking the right action. 

Here’s what to do after you’ve asked this question to make sure you’re listening and acting on what your employees are saying. 

Take a pause.

We rush to fill in the (often) awkward silences in our work conversations, especially when we’re not actually in-person and can take cues from body language. 

After you’ve asked this question, make sure you’re giving your employee enough time to really think about their answer and to communicate it to you. 

Think about one action you can take right now.

The best way to show you’re serious about what your employees are saying is to take action that can help work toward what they want in the short term.