New Erotic Languages Unlock Mind-Blowing Sex

The concept of an erotic blueprint comes from Jaiya, a somatic sexologist, and educator who has spent decades researching the science of arousal and pleasure. 

According to Jaiya, an erotic blueprint is a map of what turns you on. Just as the five love languages can help us understand how we give and receive love, erotic blueprints can show us how we experience arousal.

What Are The Five Erotic Blueprints?

There are five erotic blueprints: sensual, sexual, energetic, kinky, and shapeshifter.  Most people identify with one or two erotic blueprints more than others, but it's common to relate to certain aspects of all of them.


The sensual erotic blueprint is all about igniting the senses. What you hear, see, smell, taste, and touch significantly affects your aroused state. If you have a sensual erotic blueprint, you're more likely to be particular about your environment when you have sex.

This straight-to-the-point erotic blueprint is laser-focused on nudity, orgasm, and the genitals. If you have a sexual blueprint, seeing a picture of your naked lover might be all you need to go from zero to 100 on the arousal meter.



For those with an energetic blueprint, anticipation is everything. The longing revs the engine of the energetic type, making foreplay particularly important for this style.

The kinky erotic blueprint revolves around what polite society typically deems taboo or sexually deviant. People with this style often explore role play and detailed sexual fantasies that depart from the “vanilla” or mainstream.



This style brings a little of every blueprint to the table. The shapeshifter feeds off their partner's energy and often derives the most pleasure from seeing them turned on.

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