Where To Watch The Best Studio Ghibli Films

There's no film studio more closely associated with the anime genre than Studio Ghibli. 

We thought we'd take a look back at some of Studio Ghibli's must-watch movies, as well as provide information about where they are currently streaming. 

Princess  Mononoke

Critically praised in Japan, the film would eventually make its way to the US, with a dubbed version being released shortly afterwards based on a translated script by Neil Gaiman 

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Pom Poko

Pom Poko, tackles the subject of environmentalism and the importance of respecting nature. 

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Castle in the Sky

Castle in the Sky is also arguably the funniest of Studio Ghibli's movies, thanks largely to the comedic, female airship captain Dola and her band of pirate sons, who provide a ton of genuine laughs. 

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Howl's Moving Castle

Howl's Moving Castle would win or earn nominations for numerous awards worldwide and was praised as one of the most effective anti-war films Miyazaki has released yet. 

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