15 Essential Tactics To Keep You From Freezing to Death This Winter

Most U.S. households can expect to pay anywhere from 4.2% to 8.7% more for heating in 2023-24, according to projections by the National Energy Assistance Directors Association. 

Use the following tactics to raise your core temperature while lowering your heating bills. 

Layers, Layers, Layers

Look for long underwear (top and bottom) in cotton, polypropylene, or silk. You’ll be astonished at the difference a thin layer can make. 

Focus On Your Feet

A building contractor once told me that if your toes are warm, your head is warm. That’s why you should wear wool socks in the winter, not cotton ones. (Brands like SmartWool are amazing.) 

Seek Out Hot Spots

Figure out the warmest room in the place, and make it your winter headquarters for eating, gaming, and binge-watching. If there’s a door, close it to keep out drafts. 

Head Games

A warm hat is essential when you’re outside, obviously. Consider indoor headgear as well. For example, a wool beret can be tres chic while keeping heat from leaking out of the top of your head. 

That’s a Wrap

An artfully wrapped and draped scarf makes a great fashion statement. It also keeps winter drafts from sneaking down your neck while you’re gaming. 

Hit the Thrift Shop

A trip to Goodwill or a charity thrift shop could yield fabulous finds. (My favorite find was cotton long-handles, still in the store wrapping, for just a couple of bucks.) 

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