8 Tactics To Keep You

From Freezing

Look for long underwear (top and bottom) in cotton, polypropylene, or silk. 

1. Layers, Layers, Layers

If your toes are warm, your head is warm. That’s why you should wear wool socks in the winter, not cotton ones.  

2. Focus On Your Feet

Figure out the warmest room in the place, and make it your winter headquarters for eating, gaming, and binge-watching. If there’s a door, close it to keep out drafts.

3. Seek Out Hot Spots

Consider indoor headgear. For example, a wool beret can be tres chic while keeping heat from leaking out of the top of your head. 

4. Head Games

An artfully wrapped and draped scarf makes a great fashion statement. It also keeps winter drafts from sneaking down your neck while you’re gaming.

5. That’s a Wrap

Do those hats, scarves, and such sound expensive? A trip to Goodwill or a charity thrift shop could yield fabulous finds. 

6. Hit the Thrift Shop

Coffee, tea, cocoa, broth, or even hot water with a slice of lemon is super-warming for your innards. 

7. Drink in the warmth

Walk up and down the stairs for a few minutes to jump-start your body’s thermostat. 

8. Walk It Off