Essential Thanksgiving Movies and Where to Stream Them

Thanksgiving might not have a ton of movies to watch for the holiday, compared to, say, the hundreds of horror movies to watch during Halloween, or the dozens of Christmas movies to watch in December. However, there are still a decent amount of Thanksgiving movies you're able to watch online right now.

Essential Thanksgiving Movies and Where to Stream Them

As closely tied to Thanksgiving as A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, it's the one movie you absolutely have to watch every Thanksgiving, bar none.

Planes, Trains, and Automobile

, The Ice Storm takes on a much more adult, dramatic approach to the holiday, using it as a reference point to show the deterioration of two upper-middle-class families in the early 1970s', during the peak of the counterculture and sexual revolution movements.

The Ice Storm

Similar to The Ice Storm—although certainly not as cynical or hard-hitting—is 1986's comedy-drama, Hannah and Her Sisters, an ambitious portrait of three families and the problems they endure over the course of two years.

Hannah and Her Sister

You're not likely to find a better Thanksgiving romantic comedy as You've Got Mail, the third and arguably best pairing between cinematic costars Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan after their earlier Joe Versus the Volcano and Sleepless in Seattle.

You've Got Mail