Every Batman Movie Ranked and Where to Stream Them

Love DC or hate it, you can’t deny that they know how to make a good Batman movie. However, a key important explanation for Batman’s continuing popularity today can more directly be tied to the Dark Knight’s numerous big-budget movies, many of them loved by fans worldwide.

For fans of Batman, we ranked every live-action Batman movie from worst to best, including information about where you’re currently able to stream them.

Batman & Robin

A movie so bad George Clooney himself reportedly still offers fans who saw it in theaters a refund; Batman & Robin was responsible for single-handedly derailing the original Batman franchise. It's currently streaming on HBO Max.

Batman Forever

After a criminal mastermind known as The Riddler appears in Gotham, partnering with the unstable crime boss Two-Face, Batman reluctantly joins forces with a young hero named Robin in this underwhelming, uneven superhero movie. It's currently streaming on HBO Max.

Batman: The Movie

Fresh off the heels of the first season of the popular 1966 TV series starring Adam West comes this family-friendly superhero movie, Batman: The Movie. It's currently streaming on Hulu and it requires premium subscription.

Batman Returns

Director Tim Burton may have gone a little too dark in some aspects of the story, but this is still a very entertaining movie with great performances by the three main leads. It's currently streaming on HBO Max.

The Dark Knight Rises

When the now virtually crime-free Gotham City is threatened by the presence of a masked mercenary named Bane, Batman must return to crime-fighting after a nearly decade-long absence to save the people of Gotham from sure destruction. It's currently streaming on HBO Max.