Every Business Ryan Trahan Used to Survive on One Penny for 30 Day

Ryan Trahan has been trending for the past month as he traveled across America to deliver Mr. Beast a penny.

The true genius behind this man's content is how he has managed to merge two different YouTube verticals; the challenge video and the daily vlog format.

Starting with 1 penny he worked his way up – meeting his challenge to buy plane tickets, bus tickets, a hotel room, and food and even managing to have some fun along the way.

1. Online Survey

This is one of those money-making methods we all hate to promote because there are quite a few scams that exist out there. Ryan was able to earn about $20 from online surveys helping him escape THE GREAT RESET.

2. Golf Ball Hawking

Unlike online surveys, golf ball hawking not only took him less time but arguably didn't make him the least amount of money. This method only ends up in second place because of how morally and legally questionable it is.

3. Lawn Mowing

This is one of those methods that didn't quite work out for Ryan. His advice: make sure you find a market before embarking on this particular endeavor. The lawn mowing business can be lucrative at scale earning you between $20 to $50 per lawn, or even more in the right neighborhood.

4. Car Wash & Washing Window

Like the previous idea, this is a business that only costs you a bit of time to start, a bucket and some water. Despite its relative ease, Ryan only found one client each for these two,teaching him a very important lesson in marketing in the process. You need to have a market for any business to be successful.

5. Selling Soda

Seeing the sales he got with one of the final methods on this list, Ryan was sure that selling sodas would be the natural next step towards success. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. Comparing sodas with this method we learn another marketing lesson. When you have an audience, you need to know and understand their needs.

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