Every Movie Starring Florence Pugh

Since making her onscreen debut, Florence Pugh’s star has steadily been on the rise. An Academy Award Nominee at 26 for Little Women, her career has been marked by the wide variety of projects she has taken on, and the range she shows as a performer.

With her lead role in Don't Worry Darling catapulting her once again into the spotlight this weekend, we’ve compiled a list of ten Florence Pugh movies to get you better acquainted with one of Hollywood’s brightest new voices.

The Falling

It was her performance as a 1960’s schoolgirl alongside Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams that catapulted her into her first major starring role and set the stage for her to become a household name.

Lady Macbeth

Pugh’s character Katherine does have a lot in common with Lady Macbeth, specifically a drive to do whatever is necessary to ensure her own happiness, survival, and control over her own life, including killing anyone who gets in her way.

King Lear

Playing the tragic youngest daughter Cordelia, Florence Pugh holds her own and stands out in a whirlwind of language, production, and star power that might have engulfed a lesser performer.


Though the lesser-known of her forays into horror, it also cemented her place as a “Final Girl” of the genre.

Outlaw King

Pugh shines through in her role and is actually given something to work with, which is not always the case in a genre of film that usually treats women as an afterthought.

Fighting With My Family

From one kind of biopic to another, Fighting with my Family stars Pugh as real-life WWE professional wrestler Saraya “Paige” Knight.

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