Everything You Need To Know About Working From Home 

My morning and evening commute lasts about 10 seconds. Less time wasted sitting on busy streets driving to (and from) the office means more time I can spend engaged with work. 

I love working from home, but it won’t be suitable for everyone. Let’s look at some pros and cons of working from your home. 


No commute. This is my favorite pro. I always hated sitting in traffic, and remote work lets me eliminate that giant waste of time. 

According to the U.S. Census, Americans spend about 28 minutes on a one-way commute, or nearly an hour a day. That’s a lot! 


No cube farms. I haven’t met a single person who enjoys working in a cubicle environment. It’s drab. 

Cubes offer almost no privacy. And, you can easily overhear other coworkers talking as you’re trying to work, which can be pretty distracting. 


More flexible schedules. Remote work lets me take care of non-job-related things easier than working in an office. 

This includes going to appointments or taking care of things around the house. Note that you will need to carefully manage your schedule because this pro can quickly become a con if you spend too much time away from your computer during working hours. 

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