Have Any of These 31 Items? You Could Be Rich

Marie Kondo convinced many a pack-rat that parting with unnecessary material possessions can spark joy. You know what sparks even more joy? Learning some of those vintage items you've been hanging on to may be worth a decent amount of money.

There's a hot market for antique and vintage items in good, working condition. Remember that Singer sewing machine Grandma held on to all those years, only to pass it on to you? It could sell for as much as $1000 today.


If your grandparents passed down a working, pre-1940s model typewriter, it could be worth as much as $800 today. When it comes to typewriters, the older it is, the more value it has.


Did your Mom keep her polished silverware ready for holiday use? If she inherited a set from her parents or grandparents, it could be worth a lot. A complete antique set of real silverware can be worth hundreds of dollars today.

Rotary Phone

Chances are your parents held on to one of these, just in case they needed it. If they gave you one of the rarer models, hang on to it! It could be worth several hundred dollars nowadays.

If you've saved yours all these years thinking it was worth thousands, you're probably going to be disappointed. However, if you get your hands on any of these Beanie Babies, you could sell them and make a small fortune.

Beanie Babie

Vinyl Record

You don't need an excuse to dig out old vinyl records and enjoy great music. Just know that some of the records you're listening to could be worth thousands if you choose to sell them.

Vintage Wedding Dre

If your Mom held on to her wedding dress hoping to pass it down to future generations, it could be worth more than she originally paid. Not your style of dress? You could offer to sell it for her and make $250 or more.

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