Why Are Investors Buzzing About These 5 Stocks?

The stock market is always abuzz with the next big break, but it's not always clear which investment advice you can trust. 

We dove deep into the investor pool to see which stocks are worth checking out, and we found 5 that really caught our attention.

This spring, financial numbers were off the charts, seeing nearly 570% revenue growth and a 389% jump in net income. Fears of a recession haven't done anything to slow H&R Block's growth. There’s always a need to pay taxes in high times and low.

H&R Block Inc.

Shopify Inc.

Shopify is an incredibly cheap investment in the same field compared to eCommerce giants like Amazon. Its revenue stream keeps increasing, adding to its viability as a long-term stock.

The Walt Disney Company is so much more than theme parks and a house, with a reach extending to media networks, entertainment, and several product lines.

The Walt Disney Company

Occidental Petroleum Corporation

Share prices have nearly doubled since the beginning of the year, enjoying higher than average oil and gas prices across the board. Revenue streams have increased 57% yearly, but net income jumped over 3,400% to $4.88 billion.

Share prices have decreased since early 2022, but financials are moving in the opposite direction. With Xilinx's help, AMD saw a 71% rise in revenue with similar compliments to net income and earnings per share.

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

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