5 Expert Tips to Combat Distracted Driving

(+ Save on Your Car Insurance)

Driving a motor vehicle requires the utmost attention to ensure everyone is safe. When distractions occur on the road, people can get hurt.

The drivers and passengers in the distracted driver’s car are just as at risk as other potential victims of the distracted driver. Even animals can get hit by a bad driver who isn’t looking at the road.

Here are some expert tips on how to overcome these distractions that will save your life and protect your pocketbook when the insurance bill comes in.

Avoid Distracting Weather

Sometimes it’s impossible to avoid bad weather conditions on the road. When it snows in the winter or rains in the spring, folks still need to make it to their jobs and back home to their families. But there are ways of minimizing the risks.

Ask to carpool with someone with a good history of smart driving in a variety of situations. See if someone you work with has experience in a specific condition you don’t feel comfortable with.

The more people in a car, the more likely the driver will be distracted by those people. If parents have young children in the passenger seat, they are going to be monitoring their behavior.

Leave Pets and Children at Home

Ask your boss if you can work remotely. Many office jobs or technology careers are better suited for a home office now. The need to drive to work adds stress and anxiety to the workday, resulting in poor driving performance.

Avoid Stressful Commuting By Working Remotely

The benefits of taking an online driver’s ed course are numerous. The teacher’s curriculum often covers the best ways to combat things like road rage and distracted driving.

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