Fear Small Talk?

Experts Say This Is The Best Phrase To Use in Casual Conversation

Starting a conversation with someone you don't know well can be intimidating. Often, we're unsure of how to initiate an exchange without prying or sounding insincere.

This is where “Tell me more” comes into play.

“Tell Me More” as a Conversation Catalyst

The power of “Tell me more” lies in igniting engaging discussions. When you express genuine interest in someone's words and experiences, they feel valued and encouraged to open up.

For instance, when someone mentions their recent trip, responding with “Tell me more about your trip” shows curiosity and eagerness to learn about their adventures.

“Tell me more” goes beyond superficial chit-chat. It's a tool to uncover unexpected commonalities.

When you ask someone to elaborate on a subject, you might discover shared interests you never knew existed. Perhaps you both share a love for hiking, a passion for painting, or an obsession with classic novels.

This simple phrase also cultivates empathetic conversations.

It demonstrates that you genuinely care about the other person's experiences. You're not just hearing; you're actively listening.

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