22 Extreme Moments From The World of Free Elections

Across the world of democracy, campaigns verge from the hilarious to the downright cringeworthy.

However, it won't be long before the rest of the world catches up with the World Series of Elections in the U.S.A. — some countries already have.

To celebrate the 2022 mid-term election season, here are 22 extreme moments from the free world of democracy.

In a strange appearance not bringing to mind Ursula Andress emerging from the Caribbean in James Bond‘s Dr. No, Jeff Walker emerges from a lake near a freeway somewhere in Minnesota.

Jeff Wagner, U.S.A.

It is a short video in which the candidate for mayor of Minneapolis feels an introduction to him dripping wet, supping a coffee, and dressed in compression shorts would gain votes.

It's hard to say what this guy's platform is other than dressing like Rambo and brandishing a toy machine gun for the cameras.

Rambo de Natal, Brazil.

Rambo de Natal ran in 2014 as a candidate in Brazil for the Social Democrat Christian Party and spent his campaign making a series of short videos explaining how he would clean up the political system.

There are slow-motion thumbs-up poses and smiles from each citizen, though Ravenel ends with an attempt at humor, jesting whether they even know they are in slow-motion. His monotone voice doesn't lend itself to telling jokes.

Thomas Ravenel, U.S.A.

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