12 Stupid Horrible Fads People Are Glad Died Out

How many times have you thought to yourself, “What was I thinking?” regarding succumbing to certain fads of yesterday?

This thought process brought a large group of people together in an online forum where they revealed, among other things, a handful of awful fads that they're happy are no longer with us. 

Double Polo Shirts With Popped Collars

This fad was popular in the early-2000s when every twentysomething male thought this looked cool. Spoiler alert: It did not. 

“Who Let the Dogs Out?”

I apologize for even writing this song title because I'm sure you're now singing its cringe-worthy refrain in your head. “There was a two-year period in the late 1990s when ‘Who Let the Dogs Out?' was featured on the soundtrack of every single motion picture,” laments one woman.

Even tattoo artists are glad this fad died out. According to one artist, one of the biggest pains was that they would have to touch up the tattoos every few weeks — for free.

Mustasche Finger Tattoos

Everything Being Labeled “Extreme”

From extreme sports to extreme soft drinks and everything in between, this fad – often accompanied by scratchy neon fonts – exemplified 90s culture.

Technology is ever-changing, but not always for the better! For example, televisions with 3D-viewing technology were thrust upon consumers in the latter part of the 2010s. It didn't stick, thankfully: the technology was ultimately underwhelming and expensive.

3D Televisions

Initially developed to increase awareness for cancer research, you couldn't walk outside at one point in the 2000s without seeing people wearing these ubiquitous yellow rubber bracelets that became a fashion staple.

Rubber Livestrong Bracelets

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