Fan Favorite Pokémon From Pikachu to Zapdos

Pokémon is easily one of the most successful mixed media franchises ever, with the original Game Boy game kicking off in 1996 and serving as the pivot point for comic series, cartoons, toy lines, apparel, and multiple forays into different realms of the gaming world.

Sure, you’ve gotta catch ‘em all, but everyone has a favorite Pokémon, and these are some of ours.


Based on legends of the World Turtle, a mysterious tortoise that carried the world on its back, the Torterra’s back is a small biosphere that many Pokémon make a home of.

When they’ve eaten and their needs are met, they can be incredibly useful in situations that require them to block or hold the fort, even if they are generally too docile to engage in battle.



A nod to the nine-tailed kitsune of Japanese folklore, Ninetales is one of the most aesthetically pleasing among the Pokémon. Covered in gorgeous fur and sporting nine orange-tipped tails, this Pokémon is a true beauty.

Nicknamed the “desert spirit” because the flapping of its wings resembles the sound of a woman singing, the Flygon is especially good for air travel.



These are highly intelligent and clever Pokémon that use their shells to hide and sleep in, but also have an impressive range of attacks for such cute little fellas.

As one of the Pokémon capable of a Mega Evolution, the power of Ampharos is often untapped, but they make for a delightful companion to the trainers that commit to working with them.


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