Fan Favorite Pokémon From Pikachu to Zapdos

The tagline of “gotta catch ‘em all” was marketing genius, but there is no way that the series would have stuck around as long as it has or been nearly as impactful if that’s all there was to it. 

The growth of the central cast, as well as the new variations of the show, are a major part of the draw of the franchise. 

Sure, you’ve gotta catch ‘em all, but everyone has a favorite Pokémon, and these are some of ours. 


Based on legends of the World Turtle, a mysterious tortoise that carried the world on its back, the Torterra’s back is a small biosphere that many Pokémon make a home of. 


Snorlax isn’t the easiest Pokémon to handle, often falling asleep or becoming more interested in food, but even this can be useful in the right situation. 


Though different kinds of Ninetales behave differently, they are all well-known for their fierceness when they or those close to them are under threat. 


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