Assemble the Villains!

Fans Reveal the Top 10 MCU Foes for the Fantastic Four

A third iteration of the beloved Fantastic Four is coming in September 2024. With that much time between now and release, we have plenty of time to speculate on who the Big Bad Wolf will be.

Here are the top-voted answers based on Reddit responses.

One Redditor said, “Mole Man was the first Fantastic Four villain, not Dr. Doom. It would be to explore Subterrania, a place that hasn’t been explored in the MCU. Mole Man and Subterrania have some ties to the Deviants in the comics.”

Mole Man

One Redditor posted, “A Kang Variant that ties the Fantastic Four to Avengers: The Kang Dynasty on a more personal level. We get an even more personal story if they follow the comics and make MCU Kang Nathaniel Richards.”

A Variant of Kang

One Reddit user said, “I'd say Annihilus and the Negative Zone if it's cosmic-based.” Another Redditor posted, “I hope they save Annihilus for something big. I would love to see Annihilation Scourge or Annihilation Wave.”


One Redditor posted, “Doom should be INTRODUCED in this movie – and be like Mordo – an ally or at least a non-villain."

Doctor Doom

"So it would be interesting if they introduced Latveria as a country neighboring Sokovia – maybe Doom's father as ruler (like in some of the stories) interacting w/ Zemo or similar to tie it back to the MCU at large.”

One user said, “Super Skrull would force them to work more as a team and show the dysfunctional family story that the other Fantastic Four films have lacked.”

The Super Skrull

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